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Chapter NumberChapter# Eligible SponsorsList As Name
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000001Alpha9Alpha Chapter - Washington, DC1001
000003Gamma8Gamma Chapter - Roxbury, MA1003
000005Epsilon9Epsilon Chapter - Brooklyn, NY1005
000007Eta5Eta Chapter - Alcorn State, MS1007
000009Iota14Iota Chapter - Chicago, IL1009
000010Kappa1Kappa Chapter - Syracuse, NY1010
000012Mu1Mu Chapter - Philadelphia, PA1012
000013Nu3Nu Chapter - University Park, PA1013
000019Tau24Tau Chapter - Atlanta, GA1019
000021Phi2Phi Chapter - Ann Arbor, MI1021
000022Chi4Chi Chapter - Jacksonville, FL1022
000023Psi3Psi Chapter - Atlanta, GA1023
000025Beta Psi1Beta Psi Chapter - Atlanta, GA1025
000026Gamma Psi4Gamma Psi Chapter - Talladega, AL1026
000028Epsilon Psi1Epsilon Psi Chapter - Wichita, KS1028
000029Zeta Psi5Zeta Psi Chapter - Brooklyn, NY1029
000031Theta Psi4Theta Psi Chapter - Institute, WV1031
000032Iota Psi5Iota Psi Chapter - Columbus, OH1032
000033Kappa Psi18Kappa Psi Chapter - Washington, DC1033
000035Mu Psi4Mu Psi Chapter - Greensboro, NC1035
000036Nu Psi6Nu Psi Chapter - Petersburg, VA1036
000038Omicron Psi3Omicron Psi Chapter - Pittsburgh, PA1038
000039Rho Psi10Rho Psi Chapter - Nashville, TN1039
000042Tau Psi9Tau Psi Chapter - Durham, NC1042
000044Phi Psi2Phi Psi Chapter - Langston, OK1044
000045Chi Psi5Chi Psi Chapter - Memphis, TN1045
000046Psi Psi3Psi Psi Chapter - Frankfort, KY1046
000049Gamma Sigma4Gamma Sigma Chapter - Montgomery, AL1049
000054Theta Sigma1Theta Sigma Chapter - New Orleans, LA1054
000056Kappa Sigma2Kappa Sigma Chapter - Jackson, TN1056
000058Mu Sigma3Mu Sigma Chapter - Columbia, SC1058
000059Nu Sigma2Nu Sigma Chapter - Detroit, MI1059
000060Xi Sigma2Xi Sigma Chapter - New Orleans, LA1060
000061Omicron Sigma2Omicron Sigma Chapter - St. Louis, MO1061
000062Pi Sigma6Pi Sigma Chapter - Little Rock, AR1062
000065Tau Sigma5Tau Sigma Chapter - Pine Bluff, AR1065
000066Upsilon Sigma4Upsilon Sigma Chapter - Fort Valley, GA1066
000067Phi Sigma2Phi Sigma Chapter - Cleveland, OH1067
000072Gamma Epsilon2Gamma Epsilon Chapter - Hampton, VA1072
000076Eta Epsilon1Eta Epsilon Chapter - Fairfield, AL1076
000077Theta Epsilon1Theta Epsilon Chapter - Suitland, MD1077
000080Lambda Epsilon12Lambda Epsilon Chapter - Tuskegee, AL1080
000082Nu Epsilon7Nu Epsilon Chapter - Normal, AL1082
000085Pi Epsilon3Pi Epsilon Chapter - Princess Anne, MD1085
000086Rho Epsilon2Rho Epsilon Chapter - Tougaloo, MS1086
000088Tau Epsilon8Tau Epsilon Chapter - Houston, TX1088
000089Upsilon Epsilon6Upsilon Epsilon Chapter - Jackson, MS1089
000096Gamma Gamma11Gamma Gamma Chapter - Grambling, LA1096
000097Delta Gamma5Delta Gamma Chapter - Fayetteville, NC1097
000100Eta Gamma3Eta Gamma Chapter - Wilberforce, OH1100
000102Iota Gamma2Iota Gamma Chapter - Trenton, NJ1102
000103Kappa Gamma1Kappa Gamma Chapter - Miami Gardens, FL1103
000104Lambda Gamma8Lambda Gamma Chapter - Elizabeth City, NC1104
000105Mu Gamma15Mu Gamma Chapter - Dallas, TX1105
000108Omicron Gamma1Omicron Gamma Chapter - Washington, DC1108
000112Tau Gamma2Tau Gamma Chapter - Edwardsville, IL1112
000113Upsilon Gamma1Upsilon Gamma Chapter - Kalamazoo, MI1113
000114Phi Gamma5Phi Gamma Chapter - Denton, TX1114
000116Psi Gamma2Psi Gamma Chapter - Kent, OH1116
000119Beta Theta1Beta Theta Chapter - Itta Bena, MS1119
000120Gamma Theta4Gamma Theta Chapter - Bowling Green, KY1120
000123Zeta Theta4Zeta Theta Chapter - Atlanta, GA1123
000125Theta Theta4Theta Theta Chapter - Commerce, TX1125
000126Iota Theta1Iota Theta Chapter - Maryville, MO1126
000131Xi Theta3Xi Theta Chapter - Ashland, OH1131
000132Omicron Theta3Omicron Theta Chapter - Carbondale, IL1132
000134Rho Theta2Rho Theta Chapter - Prairie View, TX1134
000137Upsilon Theta3Upsilon Theta Chapter - Beaumont, TX1137
000139Chi Theta4Chi Theta Chapter - Tallahassee, FL1139
000141Omega Theta2Omega Theta Chapter - Houston, TX1141
000142Alpha Beta6Alpha Beta Chapter - murray, KY1142
000145Delta Beta2Delta Beta Chapter - Baltimore, MD1145
000146Epsilon Beta3Epsilon Beta Chapter - Macomb, IL1146
000148Eta Beta2Eta Beta Chapter - Chattanooga, TN1148
000150Iota Beta7Iota Beta Chapter - Knoxville, TN1150
000151Kappa Beta2Kappa Beta Chapter - Holly Springs, MS1151
000153Mu Beta1Mu Beta Chapter - Arlington, TX1153
000155Xi Beta1Xi Beta Chapter - Arkadelphia, AR1155
000156Omicron Beta4Omicron Beta Chapter - Mt Pleasant, MI1156
000157Pi Beta3Pi Beta Chapter - Normal, IL1157
000165Omega Beta2Omega Beta Chapter - Nacogdoches, TX1165
000167Beta Delta5Beta Delta Chapter - Conway, AR1167
000174Iota Delta3Iota Delta Chapter - Dekalb, IL1174
000175Kappa Delta2Kappa Delta Chapter - Birmingham, AL1175
000180Omicron Delta3Omicron Delta Chapter - Coral Gables, FL1180
000183Sigma Delta3Sigma Delta Chapter - Auburn, AL1183
000187Chi Delta5Chi Delta Chapter - College Park, MD1187
000189Omega Delta1Omega Delta Chapter - West Chester, PA1189
000191Beta Zeta2Beta Zeta Chapter - University of Georgia, GA1191
000192Gamma Zeta4Gamma Zeta Chapter - Macon, GA1192
000194Epsilon Zeta2Epsilon Zeta Chapter - Charlotte, NC1194
000195Zeta Zeta8Zeta Zeta Chapter - Columbia, SC1195
000197Theta Zeta3Theta Zeta Chapter - Johnson City, TN1197
000198Iota Zeta7Iota Zeta Chapter - Martin, TN1198
000201Mu Zeta10Mu Zeta Chapter - Antioch, TN1201
000202Nu Zeta2Nu Zeta Chapter - Morgantown, WV1202
000204Omicron Zeta2Omicron Zeta Chapter - Gainesville, FL1204
000206Rho Zeta1Rho Zeta Chapter - Union, NJ1206
000209Upsilon Zeta2Upsilon Zeta Chapter - Greenville, NC1209
000210Phi Zeta1Phi Zeta Chapter - Big Rapids, MI1210