Chapters Eligible for the Membership Selection Process

The following is the list of chapters that currently eligible to administer the Membership Selection Process. The two requirements for a chapter to host the Membership Selection Process are: 

  1. Sponsor Eligibility. Have at least one member who is eligible to be a sponsor. Sponsor eligibility is defined as:
    • A member who is financial or who is a life member; and,
    • A member who is MSP-Qualified (Have a current annual In Person MSP Training and passed the Online MSP exam within the last five years).
  2. Approved for Membership Selection Process. Chapter has been approved to administer the Membership Selection Process. Once a chapter is approved, the date of their most recent approval will appear below. Chapters are eligible to run the Membership Selection Process for up to six months following the approval. 

The List As Name column displays how this chapter will appear when creating an account. 

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Chapter NumberChapter# Eligible SponsorsMSP ApprovedList As Name
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000003Gamma11February 2024Gamma Chapter - Providence, RI10032/13/2024 10:41:14 PM
000004Delta3February 2024Delta Chapter - Nashville, TN10042/14/2024 6:37:38 PM
000006Zeta3January 2024Zeta Chapter - Richmond, VA10061/24/2024 3:06:32 PM
000007Eta4February 2024Eta Chapter - Port Gibson, MS10072/20/2024 12:02:59 PM
000010Kappa6February 2024Kappa Chapter - Syracuse, NY10102/13/2024 10:18:40 AM
000011Lambda5February 2024Lambda Chapter - Los Angeles, CA10112/1/2024 4:23:46 PM
000012Mu1February 2024Mu Chapter - Philadelphia, PA10122/10/2024 9:03:43 AM
000017Rho5January 2024Rho Chapter - Charlotte, NC10171/17/2024 9:33:59 PM
000022Chi3January 2024Chi Chapter - Jacksonville, FL10221/31/2024 2:21:34 PM
000025Beta Psi1January 2024Beta Psi Chapter - Atlanta, GA10251/29/2024 5:10:40 PM
000026Gamma Psi5January 2024Gamma Psi Chapter - Talladega , AL10261/29/2024 5:22:56 PM
000027Delta Psi5January 2024Delta Psi Chapter - Raleigh, NC10271/19/2024 8:20:34 PM
000030Eta Psi4February 2024Eta Psi Chapter - Nashville, TN10302/14/2024 6:36:37 PM
000033Kappa Psi32January 2024Kappa Psi Chapter - Washington, DC10331/16/2024 12:33:47 PM
000035Mu Psi7February 2024Mu Psi Chapter - Greensboro, NC10352/1/2024 11:05:26 AM
000036Nu Psi12January 2024Nu Psi Chapter - Petersburg, VA10361/5/2024 3:08:42 PM
000037Xi Psi17January 2024Xi Psi Chapter - Orangeburg, SC10371/19/2024 8:36:58 PM
000039Rho Psi14February 2024Rho Psi Chapter - Nashville, TN10392/14/2024 6:23:31 PM
000040Pi Psi6March 2024Pi Psi Chapter - Champaign, IL10403/3/2024 11:31:52 PM
000041Sigma Psi3February 2024Sigma Psi Chapter - Athens, OH10412/12/2024 11:05:12 AM
000042Tau Psi5January 2024Tau Psi Chapter - Durham, NC10421/12/2024 10:19:04 PM
000043Upsilon Psi8February 2024Upsilon Psi Chapter - Tallahassee, FL10432/8/2024 9:55:51 PM
000045Chi Psi3February 2024Chi Psi Chapter - Memphis, TN10452/14/2024 6:38:08 PM
000046Psi Psi18February 2024Psi Psi Chapter - Frankfort, KY10462/14/2024 6:28:38 PM
000048Beta Sigma15February 2024Beta Sigma Chapter - Baton Rouge, LA10482/9/2024 10:51:00 AM
000049Gamma Sigma3February 2024Gamma Sigma Chapter - Montgomery, AL10492/8/2024 9:50:44 PM
000051Epsilon Sigma7January 2024Epsilon Sigma Chapter - Bowie, MD10511/23/2024 8:54:59 AM
000053Eta Sigma4February 2024Eta Sigma Chapter - Jefferson City, MO10532/3/2024 10:10:44 AM
000056Kappa Sigma6February 2024Kappa Sigma Chapter - Jackson, TN10562/14/2024 6:33:49 PM
000057Lambda Sigma10January 2024Lambda Sigma Chapter - Orangeburg, SC10571/12/2024 10:14:30 PM
000058Mu Sigma6January 2024Mu Sigma Chapter - Columbia, SC10581/29/2024 9:29:32 PM
000061Omicron Sigma5January 2024Omicron Sigma Chapter - St. Louis, MO10611/29/2024 11:50:20 PM
000067Phi Sigma1February 2024Phi Sigma Chapter - Mayfield Heights, OH10672/12/2024 10:49:16 AM
000068Chi Sigma1February 2024Chi Sigma Chapter - Terre Haute, IN10682/17/2024 11:54:44 AM
000069Psi Sigma2February 2024Psi Sigma Chapter - Evanston, IL10692/17/2024 11:54:43 AM
000072Gamma Epsilon14December 2023Gamma Epsilon Chapter - Hampton, VA107212/29/2023 1:31:29 PM
000073Delta Epsilon1January 2024Delta Epsilon Chapter - Bowling Green, OH10731/30/2024 7:28:37 PM
000074Epsilon Epsilon15January 2024Epsilon Epsilon Chapter - Columbia, SC10741/21/2024 3:01:23 PM
000075Zeta Epsilon3January 2024Zeta Epsilon Chapter - Bloomington, IN10751/10/2024 9:18:52 PM
000077Theta Epsilon4January 2024Theta Epsilon Chapter - Providence, RI10771/23/2024 10:19:00 PM
000079Kappa Epsilon3January 2024Kappa Epsilon Chapter - Raleigh, NC10791/19/2024 8:23:08 PM
000082Nu Epsilon12January 2024Nu Epsilon Chapter - Normal, AL10821/31/2024 7:39:09 PM
000084Omicron Epsilon12January 2024Omicron Epsilon Chapter - Daytona Beach, FL10841/25/2024 10:09:08 AM
000089Upsilon Epsilon6January 2024Upsilon Epsilon Chapter - Jackson, MS10891/16/2024 7:43:58 PM
000092Psi Epsilon1February 2024Psi Epsilon Chapter - Dover, DE10922/8/2024 4:40:21 PM
000093Omega Epsilon1January 2024Omega Epsilon Chapter - Toledo, OH10931/30/2024 7:30:59 PM
000095Beta Gamma1February 2024Beta Gamma Chapter - Cheyney, PA10952/10/2024 8:56:35 AM
000097Delta Gamma5January 2024Delta Gamma Chapter - Fayetteville, NC10971/17/2024 9:26:02 PM
000102Iota Gamma1January 2024Iota Gamma Chapter - Trenton, NJ11021/21/2024 9:29:45 PM
000104Lambda Gamma6January 2024Lambda Gamma Chapter - Elizabeth City, NC11041/21/2024 3:05:59 PM
000106Nu Gamma2February 2024Nu Gamma Chapter - Auburn Hills, MI11062/6/2024 3:58:00 PM
000114Phi Gamma3February 2024Phi Gamma Chapter - Denton, TX11142/9/2024 10:56:04 AM
000116Psi Gamma1February 2024Psi Gamma Chapter - Kent, OH11162/15/2024 9:17:30 PM
000119Beta Theta1January 2024Beta Theta Chapter - Itta Bena, MS11191/29/2024 5:21:14 PM
000123Zeta Theta2January 2024Zeta Theta Chapter - Atlanta, GA11231/29/2024 5:55:56 PM
000124Eta Theta4February 2024Eta Theta Chapter - Austin, TX11242/5/2024 3:12:11 PM
000126Iota Theta2January 2024Iota Theta Chapter - Maryville, MO11261/23/2024 10:03:38 AM
000135Sigma Theta5January 2024Sigma Theta Chapter - Denmark, SC11351/12/2024 10:16:53 PM
000137Upsilon Theta3February 2024Upsilon Theta Chapter - Beaumont, TX11372/5/2024 3:09:19 PM
000139Chi Theta4January 2024Chi Theta Chapter - Tallahassee, FL11391/25/2024 10:04:51 AM
000141Omega Theta3February 2024Omega Theta Chapter - Houston, TX11412/9/2024 10:55:14 AM
000142Alpha Beta1February 2024Alpha Beta Chapter - Murray, TN11422/14/2024 6:39:19 PM
000146Epsilon Beta1February 2024Epsilon Beta Chapter - Macomb, IL11462/6/2024 3:58:00 PM
000150Iota Beta5February 2024Iota Beta Chapter - Knoxville, TN11502/14/2024 6:34:30 PM
000155Xi Beta10February 2024Xi Beta Chapter - Arkadelphia, AR11552/9/2024 10:41:32 AM
000157Pi Beta6January 2024Pi Beta Chapter - Normal, IL11571/10/2024 9:18:51 PM
000158Rho Beta3February 2024Rho Beta Chapter - Lake Charles, LA11582/16/2024 3:42:01 PM
000167Beta Delta2February 2024Beta Delta Chapter - Conway, AR11672/9/2024 10:50:39 AM
000168Gamma Delta5February 2024Gamma Delta Chapter - Lafayette, LA11682/9/2024 10:53:28 AM
000170Epsilon Delta3January 2024Epsilon Delta Chapter - Columbia, MO11701/29/2024 11:49:40 PM
000173Theta Delta5February 2024Theta Delta Chapter - Natchitoches, LA11732/9/2024 10:43:13 AM
000174Iota Delta3February 2024Iota Delta Chapter - Dekalb, IL11742/10/2024 5:27:29 PM
000175Kappa Delta5February 2024Kappa Delta Chapter - Birmingham, AL11752/4/2024 1:58:32 PM
000178Nu Delta1February 2024Nu Delta Chapter - Columbus, GA11782/8/2024 7:31:15 PM
000181Pi Delta2February 2024Pi Delta Chapter - Norman, OK11812/12/2024 7:26:27 PM
000183Sigma Delta5January 2024Sigma Delta Chapter - Montgomery, AL11831/16/2024 7:39:35 PM
000185Upsilon Delta2January 2024Upsilon Delta Chapter - Tampa, FL11851/25/2024 10:25:01 AM
000186Phi Delta3January 2024Phi Delta Chapter - Richmond, VA11861/3/2024 10:14:53 PM
000187Chi Delta19January 2024Chi Delta Chapter - College Park, MD11871/23/2024 8:53:30 AM
000188Psi Delta3January 2024Psi Delta Chapter - Chapel Hill, NC11881/17/2024 9:32:32 PM
000190Alpha Zeta4February 2024Alpha Zeta Chapter - State University, AR11902/9/2024 10:50:09 AM
000191Beta Zeta3January 2024Beta Zeta Chapter - University of Georgia, GA11911/16/2024 7:13:47 PM
000192Gamma Zeta1January 2024Gamma Zeta Chapter - Macon, GA11921/25/2024 10:06:35 AM
000194Epsilon Zeta1January 2024Epsilon Zeta Chapter - Charlotte, NC11941/21/2024 3:03:04 PM
000195Zeta Zeta8January 2024Zeta Zeta Chapter - Columbia, SC11951/12/2024 10:24:09 PM
000200Lambda Zeta5January 2024Lambda Zeta Chapter - Charlottesville, VA12001/17/2024 9:16:22 PM
000202Nu Zeta2January 2024Nu Zeta Chapter - Morgantown, WV12021/30/2024 5:30:49 PM
000203Xi Zeta5February 2024Xi Zeta Chapter - Memphis, TN12032/13/2024 10:07:53 PM
000205Pi Zeta3February 2024Pi Zeta Chapter - Canton, OH12052/6/2024 9:36:34 PM
000210Phi Zeta2February 2024Phi Zeta Chapter - Kalamazoo, MI12102/10/2024 5:27:29 PM
000211Chi Zeta3January 2024Chi Zeta Chapter12111/19/2024 8:19:19 PM
000213Omega Zeta5January 2024Omega Zeta Chapter - Durham, NC12131/19/2024 8:27:08 PM
000216Gamma Eta2February 2024Gamma Eta Chapter - Fayetteville, AR12162/9/2024 10:53:50 AM
000217Delta Eta11February 2024Delta Eta Chapter - Magnolia, AR12172/9/2024 10:51:46 AM
000221Theta Eta14January 2024Theta Eta Chapter - Jacksonville, AL12211/24/2024 9:25:44 AM
000240Gamma Kappa1February 2024Gamma Kappa Chapter - Salisbury, MD12402/13/2024 10:13:55 AM
000241Delta Kappa6January 2024Delta Kappa Chapter - Atlanta, GA12411/16/2024 7:15:25 PM
000244Eta Kappa11February 2024Eta Kappa Chapter - Lancaster, PA12442/10/2024 9:01:28 AM
000245Theta Kappa18February 2024Theta Kappa Chapter - Baton Rouge, LA12452/9/2024 10:47:33 AM
000254Rho Kappa2February 2024Rho Kappa Chapter - Clarksville, TN12542/14/2024 6:27:31 PM