Membership Selection Process Roadmap for Success

Discuss Membership with a Parent/Guardian
Any candidate under the age of 21 requires the involve of a parent or guardian. The following forms require a parent or guardian signature:
     - Acknowledgment and Indemnification Agreement
     - Medical Consent and Release Form
     - Processing Fee Waiver
Medical Information
Candidates will need to submit the Medical Consent and Release Form, which must be completed by a licensed physician based on medical information taken within the last 90 days.

Candidates Under 21: This form requires the signature of a parent or guardian.
Prepare Letters of Recommendation
Every candidate must provide at least three letters of recommendation from individuals who can attest to the candidate's character. One of the three letters of recommendation must come from a financial member of the community in good standing. You can find the template for letters of recommendation in the Document Center
Review the Financial Commitment
Ensure you review the financial commitments outlined here. In addition, speak with the chapter and your sponsors to determine what the local dues and fees are for the chapter and district.
Identify a Notary
You will need to submit a notarized version of the Acknowledgment and Indemnification Form.

Candidates Under 21: This form, as noted above, requires the signature of a parent or guardian in addition to being notarized.
Official Transcripts
You will need to submit your undergraduate official transcripts. Candidates may provide official transcripts from any post-undergraduate education, however, the undergraduate transcript is required.
Omega Family Members
To report any Omegas you are related to, you will need their first and last name, as well as either their initiating chapter or their Member ID (control number).
Request your DD214
If you are currently or were previously in the military, we will ask you to submit your DD214 as a summary of your service. On a case-by-case scenario, additional documents may be requested.
Most Importantly: Embrace Excellence
Not every man can be an Omega Man. Remember this is a selection process.